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Getting Married! [Nov. 27th, 2007|11:08 pm]
Strangers In a Strange Land


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Hi all. *waves*

Ok, let me begin....

Over the last week, my wonderful U.K. boyfriend was visiting me here in the U.S. I wanted him to have his first Thanksgiving, and meet my crazy family. Good times all around. Everyone loved him lots!

To my surprise, he proposed!! :O
I happily accepted, and now begins the long process of planning not one...but two weddings. AND! Figuring out what in the world we are supposed to be doing with visas and everything.

Today I began looking up information about what we need to do, what forms we need to fill out, and things like that.

And lol I got VERY confused.
So I was hoping somehow, I could maybe find someone else who has been through this as well.

I know, it's probably not that hard, I am just making it a bit insane in my head.

So the first thing I think I am supposed to do is...
-Apply for a fiance visa.

Once that is approved, I have 90 days to get married? Or is it 90 days from the day the person enters the U.S.?

Also, he would have to pick up that visa at a U.S. Embassy?

Now...next would be figuring out what else to do, as he wants to live here in the U.S.

I know you have to apply for another visa, but I am not sure exactly what it is called. It might be (Petition For Alien Relative) cause by that point we will already be married, and I will be his relative?

So what happens after we apply for that?
Does he still have to go back to the U.K. until that one is approved? Or can he stay longer since we are working on making him a citizen?

There is also a visa that says you can just adjust to permanent citizen status, if you are already here in the U.S.?
So should I go with that one, or the petition for relative one?

And lastly...
What fees should we be expecting?

I really hope I am making sense here. Because earlier my brain just stopped working properly!

Any and all information will be VERY helpful to me right now. :)

I am trying my best not to stress about any of this.
But it's like I told my love earlier...

"I do not want to fill out tons of forms, or stress about if I am doing this ok, I just want to say I DO and marry you, and keep you here in my arms!"

Also! If anyone has any information about us getting married in the U.K., that would be helpful as well.
We will not be living in the U.K. at all, just wanted to do a wedding there for his family that cannot fly over here.

Now then, I am going to relax somewhere and try to concentrate on some of the simple things for my wedding.